What is the digital divide? Firstly, to understand what this means, I’ve decided to define the term in order to understand it on a deeper level. As mentioned on (Dictionary) digital divide is the difference between priveleged and underprivelaged people im relation to access of anything digital

Now that I’ve looked deeper into the actual meaning of the word, I’d like to talk about how this relates to us on a societal level. Who is affected most by this digital divide? In an article written by (Bentley 2014)  it’s stated that people on a fixed income may have trouble connecting to the internet. This is leading to a divide within the digital community.

By empowering and providing platforms to help individuals become less margianalised.
Through funding and raising awareness, philanthropic organisations are trying to bridge the gap.

Here’s some links to some organisations trying to activley help these people

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Bentley, Prue .2014. “Lack of affordable broadband creating ‘digital divide’.” 774 ABC Melbourne, July 3

The definition of digital divide. (n.d). Retrieved April 03, 2016, from http://www.dictionary.com/browse/digital-divide- Double check this referencing style (right or wrong?)

Participation and the Digital Divide

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